Initial Consultation

The initial osteopathic consultation will start with a few questions to understand what has brought you to the practice. In discussing your symptoms, the osteopath will first ensure that osteopathy is the correct therapy for you. Otherwise you may be referred to another health professional for appropriate treatment or for tests or x-rays.

Questions will be about your symptoms and also about your medical history (previous surgery, fractures, sprains, illnesses, treatments and so on). There may be some questions about your lifestyle (diet, employment, sports and hobbies) if this is relevant to your visit.

The osteopath may carry out a physical examination, and you may need to undress to your underwear. If you prefer, you can wear shorts or loose trousers and a thin top. Don’t hesitate to contact the osteopath if you have any concerns. The osteopath will perform various tests including blood pressure or neurological tests if he needs to be sure that osteopathy is safe for you and your best option. He might then perform orthopaedic and mobility tests on your symptomatic area and possibly other parts of your body as the source of the symptoms may lie elsewhere.

After his examination, he will explain his findings to you and will work with you to prepare a treatment plan. You can ask questions tt any time during the consultation.

Treatment, in line with the treatment plan, will follow. The techniques used will depend on your age, activities, symptoms, and wishes.

Advice may be given at the end of the osteopathic consultation. This can cover, for instance, exercises to do at home, any sports or exercises you should avoid, and other types of advice according to your symptoms and what the consultation reveals.

After the initial consultation, the osteopath will probably suggest a follow up appointment a few days or weeks later. As a guide, acute symptoms (less than 3 months duration) may require 1 to 2 follow-ups; chronic pain (more than 6 months) may require 3 to 4 follow ups.

Fees are £50 for an initial osteopathic consultation and £45 for follow-ups. See this link.

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If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section or contact the osteopath

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