Our results

Patients in the clinic very kindly filled in Patient Reported Outcome Measures over a year contributing to a study conducted by the National Council for Osteopathic Research.

The results below are shown in red for our clinic, and the national data is in blue.


100% of our patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the care received both after one week and 6 weeks and 94% feel they have a very good experience.

Our patients tend to come with more than one area of pain and most commonly with low back pain (which is partly why I did my doctorate on this topic!)


























Patients filled in a questionnaire, the Bournemouth questionnaire, at each stage to measure if there were changes over time and they reported a significant improvement (i.e. the best result possible with this questionnaire).

It is interesting that all that was achieved with a limited number of sessions. I’m all for empowering patients and limiting sessions as you probably have noticed and this is a great demonstration of why we work the way we do.














Patients’ profile












Thank you very much to all the patients who kindly accepted to take part in this study – it is useful for us and for the profession.